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Poetry Review -- Jerome Rothenberg

"In the wake of my ongoing interest in forms of outside writing & thinking, I was made aware by Nicole O’Driscoll of a series of her poems from which the two posted here are taken (Nightshade and Whaling). The derivation, as much else, is local ... What follows here is more than simple transcription but the old [Irish] lore informs the work throughout that follows her transition from Ireland to the UK & a sense of “luminous details” that remains a mark of true poetry wherever found ... All that and something more." (J.R.)

The Job Search Formula -- Book Reviews from Amazon

"Yet the strongest point of this book is to help us realize our own value. This is not just "You are the Best so Go Get It" sort of thing. There are practical pointers and advise on how to make sure your potential employer would realize your value as well."

Oleg MedvedKov, Amazon reviewer


"This book not only serves people looking for a job but would serve employers too in reminding them of their purpose as an employer. I am going to be bold here and state that the level of compassion shown in this book reminds me of Tony Robbins. The sense of caring is on every page. I could go as far as to say this book is a guide on how to live an quality life with direction and purpose. I know this book will be one that I will refer to time and time again in the future, it is that good, a quality reference book that is more than just getting a job, it's a reference book to living a quality life that even Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer would be proud of, Thank you for a "gem" of a book, I feel fortunate to have found it. Thank you Nicole!"

Dennis Waller, Amazon Top 1000 reviewer)


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 Copywriting and SEO

"I am so pleased with it. As always, perfect. You hit the nail on the head. I look forward to more of the same."

"All I can say is a massive big thank you. The project produced was awesome and exactly what I wanted and visioned. I also want to say a big thank you for the extra time you have spent on the project, I know you have worked extremely hard because of the awesome outcome you achieved. Much appreciated. A delight to work with and I would definitely recommend to anyone.”

Stephen, Pembrokeshire



Web Content

"Nicole is a pleasure to work with. She works quickly and accurately, understood our brief well and responded well to feedback. We are delighted with the results. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a writer."

Laura Gilmore, Director, Bristol City Yoga 


Writing Funding Applications

"Nicole developed a funding proposal for a specific grant-making organisation to raise money for Send A Cow's work in Uganda. I found Nicole to be very committed and reliable, and appreciated her suggestion that we meet to discuss the proposal. She grasped the concept of the project very quicky and took time to really understand what we were trying to achieve. Communication by telephone and email was excellent and Nicole has a very good writing style and a nice turn of phrase. She was also very willing to discuss the proposal and to make recommended revisions, delivering the finished document in good time. I found her very helpful and a pleasure to work with." 

 Peg Bavin, Grants Manager, Send A Cow



Invisible Partners: 'really super writing' ... 'a wonderful job' ... 'your originality and initiative is right on the mark' ... 'Nicole is a super writer; great job, I am a very happy client!'

William, Sydney

Academic Writing and Study Skills Support 

"Thankyou for everything Nicole. I really couldn't have done my dissertation without you. You are a fantastic tutor. Best wishes, Elinor."

(Final year dissertation on Oscar Wilde, Bath Spa University)


"The Gutenberg Press has come through time and time again with valuable professional qualities. (Business name available on request)

Personal Statements 

"The personal statement is great. Your writing expertise has been really helpful. I never could write this by myself. Thank you!"